How To Play Video Poker

Video poker is one of the most popular of video games.The game is played by being dealt five cards and your goal is to make the best hand from the cards dealt.In online video poker , you have a second round .After the first round , you can discard all or some of the cards and choose new ones. The final hand is the hand made from those five cards.If your hand has a match on the paytable which is above where the cards are dealt , you have a winning hand.It's important to always check the paytables because some games like Deuces Wild poker have different paytables than from Jacks or Better Video Poker.

You will see several buttons on a video poker screen.Cash out, Bet One , Draw/Deal , Bet Max and click money to insert.These are almost self explanatory but the cash out button is when you want to cash out your winnings.Bet one button is when you want to bet just one coin instead of five. If you choose to bet one your winnings are noted in the 1 coin paytable line. If you're new to playing go with one till you feel more comfortable.The biggest payouts happen when you play with five coins or use the Bet Max button. Bet Max is just what says. Bet maximum or five coins . Using this option , your winnings are to the max.One general rule applies to all video poker machines: Always play the maximum credits! One of the video poker . The payoffs increase depending on how many credits you make, most of the time we hear about people who bet a minimum then a royal flush comes around and they had a bet of only one credit.Avoid this by playing full pay or Bet Max.

Also there's a draw deal button. This is the button to use to draw or deal new cards after discarding cards.And there's a click here to insert money into the machine button that usually has a dollar amount and indicated how much you want to play per round.For example a $5 coins multiplied by 5 lines is $25 for that round.

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